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  1. Club de l'environnement- Olives - Photosnew
  2. Spiritual Retreat Day for CNDL Staff - Photosnew
  3. Launching of the new College Preparatory Program - more info - Photosnew
  4. Le club d'environnement à l'NDU - more info - Photosnew
  5. Environmental club - more info - Photosnew
  6. اطلاق مشروع تطوير مهارات الـمعلّم الـمريـمي - more info - Photosnew


  1. Classes terminales-Journée spirituelle - Photosnew
  2. S1SB- Anta Akhi le jour de l'Epiphanie - Photosnew
  3. S1- SOS - Photosnew
  4. S1S visiting Al sindiyanat - Photosnew
  5. S1SB- Wonderful moments at Sindyanat - Photosnew
  6. S2 serving at Anta Akhi - Photosnew
  7. SG-SV entertaining children at Hotel Dieu - Photosnew
  8. Secondary classes- Christmas Fiesta - Photosnew
  9. Secondaire- Sindianat - Photosnew
  10. Secondaire- Sainte Barbe à Deir Hrach - Photosnew
  11. S2- Association de la jeune fille- Ain Warka - Photosnew
  12. ES B- Décoration du sapin de Noël à Longue Vie - Photosnew
  13. Environmental club- Plantation Day at Kfardebiane - more info - Photosnew
  14. Environmental club- Hiking Day at Jej - more info - Photosnew
  15. Bal masqué du cycle secondaire - Photosnew
  16. Classes terminales- Bonheur du Ciel - Photosnew
  17. S2 french section-Independence Day - Photosnew
  18. S3 English Section- Independence Day - Photosnew
  19. The English Section seniors- Saint Barbara - Photosnew
  20. G10-11-12-4ème-3ème-rencontre avec le père supérieur Charbel Haddad - Photosnew
  21. Classes secondaires des deux sections- rencontre avec le père supérieur Charbel Haddad - Photosnew
  22. G12 english and french - NDU orientation - Photosnew
  23. Classes secondaires des deux sections- messe d'ouverture - Photosnew


  1. 3ème- Journée spirituelle - Photosnew
  2. G7-8-9- Independence Day - Photosnew
  3. G9 AP- Skype-a-Thon - Photosnew
  4. G10-11-12-4ème-3ème-rencontre avec le père supérieur Charbel Haddad - Photosnew
  5. Life skills in G9 AP - more info - Photosnew
  6. 5ème-4ème-3ème-G7-G8-G9- messe d'ouverture - Photosnew
  7. G6-7-8-9 6ème -5ème- rencontre avec le père supérieur Charbel Haddad - Photosnew


  1. Grades 4-5-6 with Winnie the Pooh and Santa - more info - Photosnew
  2. Grades 1,2, and 3 at Saint Thérèse in Shaile - Photosnew
  3. G4-5 Christmas delights - Photosnew
  4. G4-5 at Saint Thérèse in Shaile - more info - Photosnew
  5. G1-2-3- Phoenix - Photosnew
  6. G1-2-3- Christmas event - Photosnew
  7. CM1-CM2-G4-G5 Sainte Thérèse- Shailé - Photosnew
  8. CM1-CM2 fêtent Noël - Photosnew
  9. CM1-CM2- Phoenix - Photosnew
  10. CM1-5ème- Phoenix - Photosnew
  11. G1-2-3- Independence trip - Photosnew
  12. G4-5-6- visit to the Artillery Brigade - Photosnew
  13. CE2-Sortie Espace 2000 - Photosnew
  14. G4-5-6- Saint Barbara - Photosnew
  15. G4-5-6- Phoenix - Photosnew
  16. G1-2-3- Saint Barbara - Photosnew
  17. Célébration de la Sainte Barbe au CM1 et CM2 - Photosnew
  18. CP-CE1-CE2- Sainte Barbe - Photosnew
  19. CP-CE1-CE2- Portes ouvertes - Photosnew
  20. CM1-CM2-6ème-G4-5-6-messe d'ouverture - Photosnew
  21. Activité sportive- CM2 - more info - Photosnew
  22. G1-2-3 voting - more info - Photosnew
  23. G1-2-3- Fun time - Photosnew
  24. CP-CE1-CE2-Une récré amusante - Photosnew
  25. Welcome on Board in Grades 1, 2 & 3 - more info - Photosnew
  26. Rentrée scolaire CP - CE1 - CE2 - Photosnew


  1. PS-MS-GS- McDonalds - Photosnew
  2. Winter activities for Pre-k and KG1 - Photosnew
  3. Distribution des cadeaux de Noël - Photosnew
  4. MS- Quizaine- sortie Zouk - Photosnew
  5. Cycle maternel- Indépendance - Photosnew
  6. PS- Quinzaine - Photosnew
  7. Preschool activities - Photosnew
  8. Cycle maternel- défilé Bal Masqué - Photosnew
  9. Activités Cycle Maternel - Photosnew
  10. KG1- Family week - more info - Photosnew
  11. Activités du cycle maternel- section française - Photosnew
  12. Activities at the English section preschool - Photosnew
  13. KG2- Family week - more info - Photosnew
  14. MS A-brossage des dents - more info - Photosnew
  15. Rentrée scolaire Cycle Maternel - Photosnew
  16. Pre-k A and B - more info - Photosnew
  17. KG1 A and B - more info - Photosnew
  18. KG2 A and B - more info - Photosnew
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Dear NDL student

Dear Louaizeans,

I am pleased to welcome you to your school, Notre Dame of Louaize, you who have come willingly, urged by your enthusiasm and want for knowledge, in order to acquire and develop new skills and pursue your project; that of building your personality, your behaviors and your attitudes based on moral, human and social values.

Dear students, I would like to assure you that your school, Notre Dame of Louaize, in which your tutors have renewed the covenant of trust, is in the first place a space open for your reunions and your cooperation in a framework of respect, understanding and collaboration. It is also the ideal place for your growing maturity, developing capabilities and rising culture. Finally, it is the horizon which hosts and supports your talents.

Each one of you is an objective of our objectives.
We think and act for each one of you.
We seek to renew and to progress at all levels for your sake, for you are not mere numbers on an insignificant list, or customers pursuing a specific item, but human beings who, once gathered, form the largest part of the Louaizean family.

Our school is neither a prison nor a military barracks. It is a place where there is no room for fear and worry. Our school is rather an oasis in which dream, thought, work and creativity are in perfect safety. Trust us and be sure that we are at an equal distance from all of you; we treat you equally, relying on justice, which we have chosen to be the slogan for the coming years.

I expect that each one of you lives these positive aspects of education under the banner of general regulations and public order, because anarchy, God forbid, destroys all plans, deteriorates all work and distorts all dreams…

I invite you to spend a distinguished and unique school year, during which you dedicate yourself to work in joy, peace, love and compassion, in the hope of achieving through this change a good share of your ambitions and a new aspect of your personality, far from the unnecessary chaos and negative behaviors that do not fit the Louaizean student.

We greatly appreciate you. We believe that you deserve the best and you deserve a lot. That is why we do not hesitate a moment to respect your rights and perform our duty. In return, put everything at work in order to accomplish your goals and never forget that rights and duties should always be equal …

May the blessings of God and Virgin Mary, the Lady of Louaϊze, be bestowed upon you.

Father Charbel Haddad
School Principal