General memos
18-10-2018 - Memo rentrée - - Downloadnew
18-06-2018 - Memo distribution des carnets - - Downloadnew
09-06-2018 - Memo fin d'année scolaire - - Downloadnew
28-05-2018 - Directives aux élèves des classes terminales - - Downloadnew
23-10-2017 - Memo rentrée scolaire - - Downloadnew

Secondary memos
No memos for this year yet.

Intermediate memos
No memos for this year yet.

Primary memos
No memos for this year yet.

Preschool memos
23-01-2018 - Memo inscription PS et MS 2018-2019 -

تستمر مدرسة سيدة اللويزة في تسجيل التلامذة الجدد في صفوف الروضة للعام الدراسي 2019-2018

- Downloadnew


  1. Autumn at Pre-K, KG1, KG2 - Photosnew
  2. Pour aimer longtemps les femmes de notre vie - Photosnew
  3. قداديس بداية العام الدراسي - Photosnew
  4. معاً نصلي المسبحة - Photosnew


  1. Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Photosnew


  1. CE2- visite au labo - Photosnew
  2. G1-2-3- First Day - Photosnew


  1. First day Pre-K - Photosnew
  2. KG1 First Day - Photosnew
  3. KG2- Welcome back to school - Photosnew
  4. PS- Rentrée scolaire - Photosnew
  5. Rentrée Grande Section - Photosnew
  6. Rentrée MS - Photosnew
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Current Committee

President: Mr. Georges El Rayyess

Vice-president: Mr. Abdo El Hajje

Secretary: Mrs Cendrella Erro

Treasurer: Mrs Raymonde Mora

Public relations: Miss Zeina Dimachkieh

Social affairs: Mr. Roland Fares  

Administrative affairs: Miss Farida Khoury   

Media officer: Miss Aline Spir

Protocol and activities: Mrs Nazira Bitar

Communication with the french section: Mrs Dolly Bitar

Communication with the english section: Mrs Solange Mghamess

French section supplier: Miss Hanane Breidy

English section supplier: Mrs Micheline Tabbakh

Communication and supplies in the preschool: Mrs sabine Youssef

Additional members beyond the rules of procedure:

Committee counselor for the french section: Mr. Charbel Abi Aoun

Committee counselor for the english section: Mrs Sarah El Hajje

Committee counselor for the preschool: Mrs Manale Akiki